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Traveling mercies for Bob & Barb Stonehill.

Safety and protection for Betty and Jack, JoAnne and Don next week.

For Randy DePoy with papillary cancer. Surgery is scheduled September 17.

For Roger Foust who has been placed on hospice in Lima Memorial Hospital.

For a family with young children that are under severe mental abuse.

For a misunderstanding.

For Bobby Perrine, brother-in-law to Linda. They moved him from Kentucky to West Virginia to a long term care facility. He continues on life support.

For Steve and Earlene Sellers who will be leaving on Tuesday for a mission trip to Kenya.


Kim Mezger, who was baptized last Sunday. God is Awesome!

Pastor Tim's visit and thanks to those that visited, called and prayed for Dick Fiser during his surgery and hospital stay.
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A Message From the Pastor
I have spent quite a bit of time praying about 2015.  I know, it seems like 2015 is a long way off yet, but it will be here before you know it.  I'd like the chance to challenge you for this upcoming year.  Many times we have witnessed an opportunity that came along but for some reason, we decided not to turn that opportunity into an experience.  For 2015, I would like to get rid of the exceptions.  So many times we look at a God-given great idea and recognize it as a great idea and then we make an exception.  "I would do this, but..."  How about in 2015 we give up the exceptions and see where God might guide us?  

Two of the tools I would like to consider is a controlled fast called 
The Daniel Fast 

The second tool is a lifestyle known as 
The Daniel Plan

Even though these tools both have Daniel in the title, they are actually not related.  I have clicked through their websites and read the books associated with them both and I believe this might be a great opportunity for us to make some real change in ourselves during 2015.  

More information will follow as the details come into focus.  Please keep this planning as well as your participation in your prayers.  This is going to be a ground breaking initiative that I hope many people will participate.  

Let's allow 2015 be the time that give up our exceptions so God can make us exceptional.  

Have a great day!
Pastor Tim Benjamin
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